Aussie Becky Lucas has her hair up like Ariana Grande, but unlike the singer, prefers to dish up comedy with her own ‘bang bang’.

Her innocuous preppy looks & cutesy laugh, a stark contrast to her stories of ‘sex dolls’ and her candid but interesting love life.

‘Horniness negates disgust’ is something very few people think of, yet Lucas neatly uses in her show.

She is more than apt at handling herself on stage as she rattled off story after story, mostly with lightning wit and punch-line delivery, even telling one late punter when asked for her name, “I’m Urzila Carlson, let them tweet that.”

Lucas has a casual but engaging approach using minimal props (in this case pieces of paper to read a letter) with the occasional drilling of the audience.

This kind of style of show, I found, made it more palatable and less susceptible to boredom.

Any subject was ‘open slather’ as she cajoled the crowd, who by the way, were quite vocal responding back, as topics such as suicide, active diarrhoea (“anyone who can spell diarrhoea should be prime minister.”) her own self-induced method of orgasming added to the night’s festivities.

No cheap ANZAC shots, which I thought there would be, but she proved to be bloody good with a crowd and her show has all the bits’ n bobs to mix it up.

Even punter Rita in the front row couldn’t could escape Lucas’s psychic prowess as part of the act.

If you like your comedy fresh in an antipodean way without the sanitised bits, then Lucas could be your cure for the impending shit weather about to hit our city this week.

Like Ariana, Lucas is adorable in a ‘bitchy’ way. Worth checking out.

Becky Lucas – Little Bitch is on until Saturday 13th May at Backbeat