Have to say this show made my night, ending it on a pleasurable high. Not that the night was a dud. No, far from it, however Brynley & Rhiannon show “Why Does This Feel So Good” sent me on my merry way home, on a high – a natural one at that too.

Tonight’s sex educational show was anything but sleazy, but still garnished a crudity similar to high school camp fire banter. Oh, and yes a little help from a visual aid, Harold the Giraffe, an inappropriate sex-advice-giving glove puppet. We suspect we knew who was behind the inanimate fiend but getting there guessing is half the fun. Funny thing is, Brynley was always in the toilet changing her tampon when poking his cross-eyed piñata head through the curtain.

The show is roughly, give or take, about two BFFs Brynley & Rhiannon who are DTF (Down To fun) working with Lyf Foundation, they are prepping the minds of pubescent’s across this country in sex education. The premise although not original is wonderfully brought to life through these two comedian. Their chemistry palatable, timing nicely executed and the dialogue at times diverting off script into ‘Improv” territory, added a spontaneous warmth.

It’s funny, but not in ‘your face funny’. It doesn’t seek to engage you point-blank so as to polarise your senses. The show relies heavily on the personalities of Stent & McCall, who to their credit, carry the show fabulously all the way until the pent up, climax (yes, of course intended) I’m picking this part of the show will definitely get the biggest audience applause – hands down, guaranteed. Actually, Harold was a crowd fave too. Ok, it’ll be a close call.

The show is on for one last romp tonight, and going by last night’s boisterous crowd, there could be a similar vibe wanting to get on the Girl’s hot ‘Sex Ed’ show. Brynley & Rhiannon’s Why Does This Feel So Good? will have you leaving the show horny – hopefully, they’ll be someone at home to practise what you’ve just seen.