Bride Of The Nile is a clever little film. The lines feel blurred between real life narrative and dramatic intentional film-making, manipulating the audience and yet showing a real environment.

Visually strong in its portrayal of the environment the characters live in, e.g. the Village is metaphorically shown as back alleys. We are taken inside a private world, through closed doors, into the world of family matters that in this film, is serious business.

A youthful Egyptian woman is preparing for an arranged marriage, though she does not love the man, her Uncle visiting from France hears her, and wants his voice heard for her sake, trying to convince the family this marriage should not go ahead.

Family decisions are more important than hers, and she will have to learn to love, even though her heart was with another. With such a sensitive subject that can be very controversial in its portrayal, it has been dealt with sensitive control. Yes of course the film is coming from a critical voice because of the subject, but it is not necessarily judgmental.

There is a line said in the film “people in love don’t always end up together”, choice is stronger than love, even when its not your own. the audience will have their own insights to make valuations.

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