Words Oliver Smith

I made my way up Queen Street on a clear Tuesday night, the report had stated a temperature of 17C, with intermittent clouds. The streets were covered in leaves, a clear indication that 2 months in autumn had finally arrived. It was on this night I had come to The Classic Studio, to see welsh favourite Lloyd Langford, and his new show.

It would appear that Langford has begun to amass a following, both in his native UK where he has made appearances on TV shows, such as QI and Nevermind The Buzzcocks, but also Auckland as I watched the studio pack out full of enthusiastic punters on a Tuesday evening. As we waited we were treated to some smooth jams, a great way to relax and ease into an hour of comedy.

The man of the hour then came onto the stage, recovering excellently from a technical error with the microphone, a great signal to the audience that they were in safe hands. proceeding to discuss the limitations of his voice and examine the title of his own show.

The show itself was a collection of observations made both home and abroad, examining the phenomenon of Brits and balconies, the terror of the terrorism threat levels, and the deception of the late night infomercial.

A large portion of the show was dedicated to his experiences as a comic on the road, from hotel rooms to sleazy agents, and his top 2 worst massages, one of which made me do my embarrassing laugh, well done sir.

Lloyd Langford was an excellent ability to examine the illogical, finding the ridiculous element and exploiting it mercilessly for comedic value. His stage presence is easy going and friendly, matching the jovial way he delves into any subject matter.

I immensely enjoyed this show, and would recommend it to anyone, especially those who can appreciate a well crafted joke.