Ren’s show is a wild ride into Trans Gender comedy. I went into not knowing anything about this comedian or what the show was going to be about. Entering a room, with only eight people, i took my place with the front row audience.

The show was a sex-ed classroom look into the world of trans gender, and the convoluted trans/binary world that goes with it. Ren is certainly an exuberant performer, opening up with vulnerability about her own Trans Gender life, using prop cards with visual images, which I found distracting almost to the point from taking the spotlight away from Ren Lunickie the person.

This was a tough gig, one that I can only admire when anyone has to stand on stage and do their thing under such conditions. With such a small crowd, its a mission to find a connection – the laughs sometimes restrained or the audience are just not able work with the comedian on stage.

Ren worked through her set material now and then using notes to get through, but held the show steady. I walked away more thinking about the Artist, and their pursuits, vulnerability and the heart of courage to be on stage and confront any audience.