A Dog’s Purpose is different to your usual animal loving movies. I was prepared to use up a few tissues, but ended up using a lot more than originally planned.

Have you ever wondered what dogs think about when they play with us, follow us wherever we go, eat, run, and when they get older? Do they understand us? Can they read our minds?

You’d be surprised. Dogs are incredible creatures, and we see their credibility in a brand-new film directed by Swedish writer Lasse Hallström, he is well-known for his 2000 hit film Chocolat with Johnny Depp & Juliette Binoche.

It’s the tale of four different lifetimes of one dog, each had a different purpose. I expected to see a film about ‘happy’ dog stories starring adorable dogs, but instead, I was watching a beautiful story of a dog that had a very short life, every time it was born (again.)

Hallström takes us through each journey of that smart creature named Bailey (Josh Gadd), who lives a happy life with a loving family, but we all know it’s going to end because dogs do get old and eventually they are not with us any longer. It was perhaps the saddest part in this film.

The film explores Bailey a role model for a police dog, who also didn’t live long enough after rescuing a teenage girl. Bailey reappears multiple times and in his last life becomes a lot more special than all than the previous ones. I won’t reveal all the details, but A Dog’s Purpose is worth watching, it’s a simple but very touching story.

I can never see myself having a dog because I’d become very attached to it and could not imagine the huge loss once they are not around. Think twice before getting a puppy, it’s like having a child (fur one). The film really hits home the message “if you decide to get a dog, make sure to take the best possible care.”

I was amazed to see how well those dogs were trained making a great impact on the audience. My thoughts raced, I couldn’t imagine how hard it must have been for a film crew to make those creatures act as little daredevils.

There are no dangerous scenarios where animals are concerned, except one scene where a German shepherd saved a life of a girl by dragging her out of the water. I’d love to think no dog suffered during shooting but I can’t promise that.