Out of pitch black darkness we enter the film, and meet Peter, in chiaroscuro, one torch shining in the bleak darkness.

My mind races to Shakespeare’s line, “into the blind cave of eternal light” from Richard III. The documentary explores the underworld of lava caves in Auckland, New Zealand, our guide is Peter.

He’s the last bastion, a Pakeha ‘oracle’ helping find and search of lost entrances to caves that are lost to suburban development, with it, is lost knowledge of Maori Heritage.

Peter loves nothing more than discovering as he calls it “virgin caves”, he’s dedicated over fifty years of life exploring these hidden gems beneath our feet.

Somehow, you the sense they may disappear altogether due to the rapid growth of Auckland urban sprawl.

Around us, under our very feet is a lost world of disappearing caves. Thank god there is a guy like Peter on the case. Though as time goes by, there will only be records, as cave sites dwindle something like 250 sites, and only 30 – 50 you can actually get into, then there be half a dozen, then who knows?

Meet Peter is a gem of a short film, a must see, even if you live South of the Bombay Hills.

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