When I was a young lad, Wonder Woman, was a hot wee lass on a TV Show, that would spin around to her own theme music and miraculously reappear dressed in a skimpy outfit as the super hero.

This is Wonder Woman, armed with golden lasso in hand. This time around in Warner Bros’s revamped version, as the fabled Amazonian Warrior Goddess.

She can kick some serious ass, no spinning around here to change wardrobe. Isreali actress Gal Gadot plays the role as Wonder Woman, her stoic looks hold well as she plays a convincing Wonder Woman character.

The film builds on a origin story, we see Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman grow from a young ambitious kid into the beautiful strong warrior, Star Trek’s Chris Pine’s plane crashes into her secret hidden Island, she saves his life.

From their first meeting they set out on a adventure, which she learns about her true self, on a quest into the human world in the midst of World War One, to rid evil.

Well thats the basic summary of the story. Of course action ensues, the German baddies get in the way, there are of course the expected Evil Villains working on dastardly evil plans against mankind.

Taking the helm in the director chair of this blockbuster is female director Patty Jenkins, her only previous film, Monster, a drama film starring Charlize Theron, which was highly acclaimed by critics.

Patty Jenkins proves to be a wise choice, as she undoubtedly brought an understanding to this female superhero. The film builds on its drama, giving time to flesh out characters and its storyine, this does of course slow down the pace of the film, but I feel it makes for a better Action Super Hero film.

As we come to the final act, things as always it seems in these type of films treads into familiar ground. Bad guys must pay there dues.

Yes, expect some wooden character stereotypes, eg the Nazis are the Villains. The undertone of the film interestingly has a campness to it, intentional or not?

In time it will be more noticeable as people go back and rewatch the film again. For me personally the film did not have the ‘Wow’ factor, it feels altogether like familiar territory but in a different package.

The ‘silliness’ was jumping out at me, but maybe it was only me noticing it so much, some of the dialogue and scenes just seemed so cheesy.

Though I am sure its flashy, hyper visual imagery & bombastic soundtrack will please many Super Hero fans. Gal Gadot does a great job as Wonder Woman, and I am sure she is gaining many secret admirers. Without a doubt there will be more Wonder Woman movies in the near future.