Most of you will know what all those films have in common: Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator, Batman trilogy, Last Samurai, The Da Vinci Code, Inception, and my favorite The Lion King.
I can keep on naming blockbuster movies that will never die in our memories. Epic soundtracks, goosebumps, music that thrills you and gets under your skin, all because of the greatest composer Hans Zimmer.

He can surprise us all by touring around the world with his truly incredible band of talented musicians I’ve ever seen, supported by a whole orchestra and choir, I was speechless.

I’ve been to many concerts and music shows, but have never seen anything similar in my life. There are millions of musicians, millions of talented ones, but only a few get recognised, those few unique souls that Hans Zimmer picked for his band are his ‘children of music.’

I will not exaggerate by telling you that Hans Zimmer, world renown composer, is the father of the greatest soundtracks of film and television, the industry has ever known.

We all remember The Lion King and its theme song Circle of Life. Not only has Hans Zimmer performed it live, he also brought Lebo M, who originally sang that piece. Imagine ovations of the whole Spark Arena when he came out on stage to present this famous African themed soundtrack. Who would have thought Hans could bring back to life all my memories that are so closely entwined with the most spectacular animated film of all time?

“A wonderful night that feels like being in whirlwind of interlocking dreams”, – says The Guardian.
Indeed, your imagination, fantasies, dreams will go beyond your world and out to galaxies beyond, when you see Hans Zimmer performing live on stage.

Interstellar gave me chills, Madagascar made me happy, Sherlock Holmes confused me a little and I felt heroism and fear when Hans took us to the ‘Caribbean.’

The night was all about language that his music speaks. He is a wizard that can teach us to understand what the sounds are saying. It was all about healing those ‘wounds’ that world is experiencing, Hans has created his music that thrives to give a hand to those in need.

He is so humble, and so well-spoken, with a great sense of humour, telling stories and introducing the massive audience to each of his greatest musicians.

Follow his current live tour, and if he is playing near you, make sure to buy yourself a ticket to the ‘future’, that’s where Hans Zimmer will be playing magic.