Words Jarred Tito

Taking back Christmas is what drives the Bad Moms Cast; Amy, Kiki and Carla to rebel against the norm and make Christmas something special again.

The perfect celebration of Christmas day, seems to be getting harder and harder to attain with every new year for the struggling trio of mothers, so they make a pact to do whatever they can to get things right for them and their respective families. Having their mothers arrive unannounced does more than make things complicated, it completely shakes and remoulds their worlds.

If you think that the bad moms, Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn (Amy, Kiki and Carla) were bad, wait until you meet their moms, or shall we say, the ‘Bad Grannies?’. Christine Baranski / Ruth (from The Grinch), Cheryl Hines/ Sandy (from Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Susan Sarandon/ Isis (everyone knows Susan Sarandon) in many ways, steal the show. They are perfectly cast in their roles and are perfectly hilarious in every scene. For me the Bad Mom cast really did act as a platform for the ‘bad grannies’ to launch themselves onto the stage.

There is something to say for experienced actors/actresses. They really do know when to walk and when to run. I loved the crazy yet believable way in which Cheryl plays the over possessive mother. Totally crazy and totally adorable. Baranski is in her element playing the brittlely yet frayed and resolute aristocrat type, who is determined to make Christmas her ‘piece de resistance’, a final offering to her daughter Amy. Finally, there’s Sarandon who plays the wayward, itinerant wandering gambler and mother of Carla. She is delicious in this role. Yes, the roles are a little cliché but their executions of them are faultless. Like fine wines each of the Grannies have improved with age (as they say).

Bad Moms 2 delivers similar laughs and gags as the first one. It’s actually quite a solid follow up. The story is clever and gags hit their marks. The theatre was filled with giggles and plenty of laugh out loud moments. There are also moments of cringe, but each to their own. It was also good to see Peter Gallagher again in a comedy.

Does anyone remember Summer Lovers? He’s aged well enough.
A good night out (I suspect especially for the gals). However, I’m picking some guys will enjoy the film too.