Words Glenn Blomfield

Black Mass, a true story gangster film driven by Johnny Depp as the notorious, ruthless James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, the leader of the South Boston Winter Hill gang.  Whitey’s brutal iron-fist approach reined its criminal rule over South Boston from the 1970’s for approximately 25 years

The story revolves around a triangle of corruption.  James Whitey Bulger at his peak, together with his brother a Boston senator (Benedict Cumberbatch), and a childhood friend FBI agent (Joel Edgerton) blur the lines while Whitey acting as an informant cleverly collaborates with the FBI 

Johnny Depp’s portrayal of James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, relies on strong make up to bury himself in the character, the eyes enhanced with a steely hypnotic glare. Its so convincing you lose yourself in the character and forget you are watching Johnny Depp

Black Mass, is portrayed in convincing strokes, the direction is deftly handed by the director Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart) and although well executed isn’t heavy paced. The strength in the violent scenes is filmed as if witnessed through the eyes of the film’s characters, giving the viewer a passage through the violence.

Black  Mass is a very deserving film in the Gangster Film genre. Hollywood flash does not get in the way. Its a highly recommended watch and a step up for Johnny Depp from past acting endeavours