I’ve never seen the queue so long outside The Powerstation for a Rap artist before. The “World’s most popular independent Rapper” Tech N9ne was back on our shores with his quasi-esoteric leanings destroying the stage with his trademark fast lyrical delivery. It’s a winning formula that has seen the American Rapper break out of the underground mould and into the mainstream.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without the aid of cohort Rapper Krizz Kaliko, who in his own right has quite a large following, but tonight, having the pair of them performing their songs together onstage was something else. The synchronised moves with white bandanas and animal-esque grimaces made for an interesting visual fest, I mean, like he says, he’s been doing this for “twenty years” and you can’t fault him on that.

Fresh Out! and Anxiety were played with the fervour of a devout CrossFit devotee, while Riotmaker and No Reason (The Moshpit Song) incited the crowd to get a little crazy. The cornucopias amount of “F-bombs” and gang vocals of “Fuck that shit” by the crowd were helped by the thick haze of ‘Mary Jane’ descending upon the audience – maybe I should have bought an oxygen mask.

Krizz Kaliko was just superb, his banter with the audience engaging and he had his time to shine as the lights came down and take to a chair to perform a few numbers, the combination of the two artists gave the show an interesting aspect, it was a night for fans to get up close and hear the hits live – Dysfunctional and Caribou Lou, the latter’s recipe for a stiff drink, “151 rum Pineapple juice, and Malibu, Caribou, get them all numb” looks on way to becoming a real cocktail. Seems Rap Music does influence social trends.

Tech N9ne was relishing the sold-out crowd as he kicked off the Tour with a hiss and a roar. The vocal crowd appreciative as he seemed as if he could’ve gone on all night. Wellington’s gig is also a sell-out so I guess he’s definitely well and truly out of the underground zone now. Personally, I prefer him with ghostly white face paint on. Mere quibbles, but just saying