If you want to find out what a real holiday for Russians is like, I suggest you see this light, sweet, easy and humorous comedy. Director Vera Storozheva takes us to a little paradise in Crimea, a well-known holiday destination for us Russians. I personally was excited to watch her new film that was launched earlier this month, considering my mother was born and raised in Crimea – its a very scenic and attractive place by the Black Sea.

The comedy reveals legit situations that could happen to anybody. I’m talking exclusively about Russians, and most likely women. Because only women can be so enthusiastic about their holiday houses they will be renting out by the beach. Perhaps also, only women can book their holiday with someone (I’m not talking about a travel agent, but a random person, or a fraud) who will simply rip them off by renting out somebody else’s holiday home to a few strangers simultaneously.

Could it get even more random? The Russian approach is, don’t panic if you see three other women with their kids in the house that you supposedly rented out for yourself. Simply have breakfast together and go to the beach for more adventures and disasters. Russian actresses Svetlana Hodchenkova, Irina Pegova, Victoria Isakova and Nina Dvorzhetckaya brilliantly show us how real woman can keep it together without ruining anybody’s holiday.

I genuinely liked the movie, and wish we can have more fresh, delicious and easy comedies like this film. We should start thinking of how we can make people is film teaches and surprise them with unexpected scenarios that indeed could happen in real life, with no intentions of cruelty or darkness. Leave that job for the news and talk shows; they have enough ruthless sensationalised news stories from around the world that reflect this reality.

Many of us are lucky to wake up every morning with a smile, this film teaches us to keep smiling and appreciate those awkward, humorous situations that director Storozheva has exposed us to in her latest film. Must see.