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Rogue One – Star Wars – Film Review “gritty and unforgiving” 5/5 Jarred Tito

Well here is a movie that should have been made 20 years ago instead of episodes 1, 2 and 3. Yes this is the one that was able to continue the buzz of the original Star Wars movies! Those of us who were captured at a very young age by the marvel and wonder of Star Wars will understand exactly what I mean by “the force has returned”. I have three words that say it all for me, ‘James Earl Jones’, as I punch the air. Yes! You know you have seen a winner when you are driving home from the movie but feel like your piloting a Resistance X Fighter through the heart of a galactic dog fight. Oh and Darth Vader! If you have been affected by the force in any shape or form you will be drooling at the mouth with every second of every scene that he is in. Yes the force has truly returned.

Throughout the movie there are just fantastic memories of my early childhood moments when I was geeking out at everything ‘Star Wars’. I’m not just talking about lame cameos either. I’m talking the real deal key characters like a major role from the late great Peter Cushing. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

Don’t expect all the clichés that you would normally get from a George Lucas franchise. For example the Big Star Wars opening music. It just doesn’t happen. But I’m glad it doesn’t. Rogue One actually feels like its own complete story which is centred around the one thing that critics have always said was the fault of Star Wars. They built a Death Star but for some reason put a self destruction mechanism that would blow the whole thing up? Well critics be silenced because this film takes care of that problem quite nicely.

This is a rebel force; rough, gritty and unforgiving. Star Wars as it was intended to be and should have been but up until now has never been.

Now that I have seen this instalment I wish that episodes 1 and 2 and 3 could be purged from my memory and that Gareth Edwards could recreate them the way they should have been made. The way that Rogue One was made. Do I recommend this movie? Hell yeah!!!! NZ Entertainment Podcast #starwars #rogueone