“Daniel and Moore are this generations Flight of The Conchords, but with bite.”

Words Sarah Kidd

When it comes to telling someone how much you enjoyed a comedy act, a basic score is often what is asked for. So, here’s a score for you; five out of – that show was just so good that I want to bottle it like French champagne – five.

Yes, the comedic duo of Laura Daniel and real-life partner and co-writer Joseph Moore are back with their brand new musical exposé that will leave you both gasping for breath while simultaneously tapping your toes along to the beat.

Gone are the non-stop touring popstars struggling to make enough money with which to live their desired balla lifestyles; instead fedora wearing, chardonnay swilling, adult contemporary musicians have emerged from their chrysalis of maturity ready to take on The Winery Tour and fleece those baby boomers for all that they are worth as they deliver a set of their own original compositions and ‘covers’ of some of New Zealand’s national treasures of music such as Mr Dave Dobbyn himself (and before you ask, no, it’s not Loyal).

There is a high energy pace to the performance, costume changes and introductions of props to an already beautifully laid out stage done so seamlessly thanks to the additional assistance of the Two Hearts ‘sommelier’; the multi-media aspect acting as the cherry on top due it’s limited but perfectly timed use.

As with previous shows, Two Hearts musical compositions address current issues such as climate change with razor-sharp wit, the duo never afraid to rip off the plaster and poke around underneath at topics such as New Zealand’s drinking culture and the brutalities of factory farming. Pop songs about cyber sex with long distance partners bringing forth more light-hearted topics that will have your ribs pleading for surrender.

Daniels’ is currently also competing on this year’s season of Dancing with the Stars, her skills coming in handy as she displays some fancy footwork while traversing the stage, the opportunity to remind those in attendance to vote for her seized at any tongue-in-cheek opportunity. While both Daniel and Moore are just as talented as each-other, Moore often delivering fast paced raps that feature quick-witted lyricism, Daniels’ hands down steals the show, her character often shape-shifting before your very eyes.

Culminating in a final dance routine that sees a remix of their previous seasons ‘hardcore rap’ hit – complete with back-up dancers – segue into a hilarious tune dedicated to poking fun at the very audience that The Winery Tour is aimed at, results in a deafening round of applause and for good reason. Daniel and Moore are this generations Flight of The Conchords but with bite, their material at times devastatingly relatable, and that’s what makes it so damn good.

A faultless balance of music and comedy, Two Hearts is completely brilliant and utterly unmissable