“Tony Lyall is a natural comedian, his show containing enough varied material to ensure that there is something for everyone.”

Words Sarah Kidd

An eggy delicious treat? A party food alternative to the irresistible chain of cheerios featured at kids’ parties. Or a chance to truly learn how to spell a word that doesn’t tend to feature in the average everyday vocabulary?

The Project’s roving reporter and comedy writer Tony Lyall, the man with the boyish good looks, is back with ‘Quiche’, a show about ‘being brave and trying new things’.

Tony’s an affable guy, originally from Blenheim he’s now married, father to a baby boy and living in West Auckland where public transport trips are always an adventure – not necessarily a pleasant one – but at least they have resulted in him verifying to himself and the audience that he is up for the task of random spelling challenges from those of the alternative substances persuasion.

A talented storyteller, Lyall weaves his way through tales of those of the generation that like to give unrequested advice on capitalism while shopping in Bunnings, interjecting a little politics into the conversation to ensure that he ticks those boxes. Those who saw his ‘Just Kidding’ show last year will enjoy the tie backs, the latest endeavours of his son Ardie (who in no way, shape or form can or should be compared to a furbaby) bringing about genuine hilarity.

As a writer for 7 Days and with a regular slot on The Rock, Lyall has a voice that is both familiar and easy to listen to, taking aim at a couple of members of the audience he can tease without overstepping the line, while simultaneously segueing into a side note memory that brought about great mirth to both himself and those present.

The hour-long show flows well, with audience laughter frequenting throughout, Lyall at one point achieving a lifelong dream when it came to crowd participation. A little trip back into Lyall’s own teenage days involving citrus fruit, local police and op-shop scout jerseys was the source of much amusement, those from small towns themselves nodding heads in agreement.

But what’s this all got to do with that delicious eggy treat that Tony Lyall promised earlier in the show? Enter a story about a friend’s wedding. Complete with a couple of props, Lyall proves that he is indeed the saver of nuptial celebrations in the utmost unique and spectacular way. However, there is also an integral and poignant note attached, a very personal anecdote that hits home and one that Lyall delivers with both respect, humility and complete honesty. A sobering moment it may have been, but it elicited a very much deserved round of applause.

Tony Lyall is a natural comedian, his show containing enough varied material to ensure that there is something for everyone, even if you don’t ever look at pineapples in the same way again. So please, don’t forget to try the quiche.

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Posted by Tony Lyall on Monday, April 24, 2017