Words Yulia Podrul

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Date / Venue: Saturday May 21th, 2016 – ASB Theatre Auckland

At last, New Zealand audience can stop counting down. We are welcoming back The Ten Tenors who are loved not only by women but also by men, and that’s no accident. TTT is bringing to New Zealand their powerful and exciting live performance simply called ‘The Power of Ten’.

I was one of the luckiest to witness the most delicious mix of voices the world can ever think of. I call it delicious because it’s made with kindest by a loving soul. It has mild, spicy and hot flavours, it can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner anywhere worldwide. It’s guaranteed that even the fussiest music connoisseur will leave the room happy enjoying a unique experience and special memories.

I enjoyed the recognisable and timeless tunes of David Bowie, Fun and the Everly Brothers, Queen, and Freddie Mercury to name a few. What I love about The Ten Tenors is they truly can surprise their fans. Being so unpredictable they give you a cool and funky mix from the songs of Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Could it get any better?

To some of us feelings can easily can be touched by dramatic melodies, these down-to-earth Aussies (including two Kiwis) will make your heart melt by introducing you to Puccini, Rossini and Verdi in their brand new show. Even my favourite The Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera by Lloyd Webber was played tonight.

Aucklanders responded with ovations and applause after the show. Because The Power of Ten is for everybody to enjoy, the Ten Tenors left me with a few of those memories that I’ll happily share on our podcast show. You’ll have a chance to hear bits and pieces from my interview with two special men that I absolutely adore, two legends of The Ten Tenors – Paul Gelsumini and Cameron Barclay. I admit that it was one of the most exciting and fun chats I’ve ever had.

I can’t talk more about it because you’ll know all the surprises. If you want a real party, then all you have to do is to come to one of their spectacular shows for The Power of Ten. They are touring the country, so go grab your tickets. If you miss out, there is nothing I can do. All I can promise is those opera rock stars will be back very soon with some more exciting news.

You can next catch The Ten Tenors next today Monday 23 and Tuesday 24th of May at the Isaac Theatre Royal in Christchurch.