The Conjuring 2 starts out, as you would expect, with some of the cheap thrills and kicks that most horror films tend to deliver. I guess the idea of this is to win your audience over with the shock and scare tactics which make good viewing for those couples who want to go and have the pants frightened off of them.

However as the film goes on we soon realise that this is simply not a two-dimensional shock and scare flick but in fact a story that is woven into and around the lives of a young British family that experienced a supernatural phenomenon in London, this event has become the most talked about and documented “ghost story” in British history.

The film starts in America with two exorcist specialists, who work for the Catholic Church, whose work with exorcisms puts them on a worldwide stage and it’s not long before they are appearing on TV shows internationally.

Their Fame takes them to England where they are confronted with what seems to be a hoax of a ghost story. However this takes them down a dark path way to meet something from the past which for me upped the stakes tenfold.

Initially I thought this was just a scare flick to not take too seriously but it turned out to be not too bad at all. In fact it was quite good.

I would recommend it to a wide range of people. It’s not just for those who like horror movies. There’s a certain historical quality to this film as well although at times there were parts that made me laugh rather than scream. For example a monologue that would have fitted quite nicely into a Monty Python skit, however, it does get a lot better as the story line progresses.

A good scare which I’m giving a strong 3.5/5