Take the pop sensibility of rock group Paramore mix it with the finesse of Franz Ferdinand and you come close to the sound of local act T.L.A (Three Letter Acronym).

Their sound is energetic, tight as & punchier than UFC’s Conor McGregor’s handiwork while retaining that guitar edge to their melodic pop aura.

I Need Ya was a solid first off song that cuts above the noise, apparently it is also a cover from fellow Mainz student’s band Your Hair Looks Nice.

Lead singer Nef Teare possesses one great set of lungs and would be the vocal envy of many a band, her powerhouse voice suits the band’s rock melee while co-singer Kelly Tawhai’s backing vocals were spot on, weaving well to harmonise.

American Indie band Gossip’s rocking Standing In The Way of Control was given the T.L.A treatment, the fresh faces dealing to the song. It’s drumming the perfect excuse to mosh as the band did it justice, if not a tad better than the original I thought.


Drummer David Webb and bassist Thom Anderson were solid in the short but impressive set, their rhythmic chops a rich tapestry to the newer originals, while guitarists Isaac and Dan (John Mayer?) filled out the funk infused Cocaine and my personal favourite Escape nicely with trade off guitars.

The latter song a more mature affair while lending itself to the personal nature of the lyrics, is hypnotic as it is infectious. Ending on their newest single Three Steps Away the band did well to draw attention to those in the small but intimate room setting.

Can’t wait to see how these guys progress next year, 2017 I’m picking they’ll be the ones to watch out for.

Check out their Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/ThreeLetterAcronymOfficial/

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/threeletteracronym/three-steps-away