Words Jarred Tito

Definitely a ‘seat of the pants’ cliffhanger that had me on edge the whole time. I was pleasantly surprised and grateful for having seen this movie. Dwayne Johnson shows a lot of heart in this film, even though it is your typical Hero plot where the Good guys are faced with hurdle after impossible hurdle, has a human quality that shows the power of the spirit. In fact it’s prominent throughout the movie. It is both a suspense thriller and ironically a family entertainment movie at the same time.
Mom, who was played by Neve Campbell, and their two children, join forces with the local Hong Kong police department and Johnson to form an almost perfect anti-crime team in an attempt to not only rescue themselves from this Towering Inferno (fond memories of Steve McQueen) but also having to save the day for the millions of concerned onlookers and make history in Hong Kong.
I remember watching the Bruce Willis films Die Hard and die harder and three and four etc etc, and I remember appreciating the impossible situations that he found himself getting out of, but this one is different in that it also centres around the Hero’s family and not just a man’s will to overcome evil. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this film but I somehow did. It’s packed with action and packed with incredible special effects and it is actually believable in an unbelievable way.
Dwayne Johnson AKA the Rock, plays his role really well and helps us, the audience, trail along with belief and admiration. Although I wouldn’t attempt any of these rescue stunts he does during the film, they somehow come across as doable which makes them credible which adds to the thrill and excitement of the rescue which is why I personally enjoyed it. There’s nothing worse than seeing a film which is so over the top but some how the hero comes away with a few scratches. This one’s different in the respect that sure the stunts are way over the top but somehow the director cleverly makes them digestible.

The complete Blockbuster hero suspense thriller film of the year in my opinion. Definitely one to take the kids to. Definitely something the guys would appreciate and maybe the girls too. I must confess I’m not a huge fan of this genre but somehow this film has won me over and I would give it my personal seal of approval and would say it’s worth a viewing. You will not be disappointed.