This film is the result of a worldwide collaboration, its scenes shot by more than 40 film making teams around the world.

This certainly is an extraordinary documentary film, covering the world of different religions, spiritual beliefs, and this incredibly colourful world of experiences we live in.

There is no one point of view, judgement, or attack on any belief system, this is observation without prejudices. The film will take you through three chapters, ‘Initiation’, ‘Practice’, and ‘Passage ‘. I personally felt this to be a fascinating piece of work, unique in its portrayal, and the way the film was made.

A strong element that came out to me in Sacred, which I see as a message, one of many revelations in life to still be discovered, is from a Japanese man, the pilgrimaging ritual after 1000 days walking around a mountain, then facing nine days of prayer, meditation, without water or food and no sleep. The Japanese man explains in an answer when asked of his experience “still contemplating my journey”.

Watching this film, I saw things that are beautiful, stunning, and genuinely moving. The collaboration of filmmakers has made something really worth spending time seeing. A great film, healthy for the spiritual soul.

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