Donna Rose

Exploring cultural appropriation through the comedic lens of Donna-Rose and Karla, THE BEST POSSIBLE ALBUM PARTY THAT ANYBODY HAS EVER BEEN TO is a concert bonanza like no other. Featuring the talented Frith Horan and Kate McGill as all-singing, all-dancing divas, The Best Possible Album Party runs from 26-30 May at The Basement Theatre. Boom!

Hola a todos! Come to the party. Be the first to experience the debut album KRYSTOPIA – a plethora of Latin and Hip Hop inspired sound.

Have you ever wanted to reinvent yourself? Taken on the mannerisms of someone else because it made you feel sexier, riskier, more confident? What if J-Lo performed at St Lukes Mall? If Ariana Grande was getting down at Cassette 9?

Well, imagine that but in the VIP room at the Basement, all night long… Except it’s only one hour.

The Best Possible Album Party That Anybody Has Ever Been To is a comedy peppered with original songs, sketches and outrageous dance routines – examining pop culture and who we try to be when faced with an audience. The Best Possible Album Party is a chance to use the function of a party to host a show. So get ready to be part of something truly immersive.

Frith Horan (Munted, Robin Goblin) and Kate McGill (Red Leap Theatre, Tectonic Theater Project, New York) buddy up to play the two Latina Divas. Both graduates of Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School’s acting programme, they are joined by fellow graduates Holly Chappell (Two Productions), directing, and Adrian Hooke, musical director. Working alongside them is music producer Oswell Didsbury and lighting designer Rachel Marlow (Silo Theatre, Auckland Theatre Company, NRB New Zealand Opera).

You’re invited to crash/buy a ticket to and enjoy the album party of the year.

Donna-Rose feat. Karla are about to launch KRYSTOPIA in Auckland, and they’re not nervous. They’re ready to give you an experience. A night out to end all night outs. Or at least this one…

Bailar. Sing. Acto. Let’s do this Auckland!

Venue: The Basement Theatre, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland City
Tickets: $18-$20 or book a group of 5 for $12.50 per ticket!
Bookings: // 09 361 1000

Kate McGill as Karla
Frith Horan as Donna Rose 

Music Producer – Oswell Didsbury
Lighting Designer – Rachel Marlow
Alexis Williams – Assistant Producer