Let’s just say Christian Ditter’s based on the novel of the same name, never delves into the online dating world once in this movie, actually Tinder would be slightly more entertaining

It’s not all doom & gloom, Aussie comedian Rebel Wilson (Robin) retains all the cool quick fire lines as the friend of Alice (Dakota Johnson) who has recently dumped her boyfriend Josh and ends up as a paralegal working. Robin shows Alice how to pimp free drinks and meet new guys in her new found status “50 shades of single’, from there it’s a free for all as the film’s characters explore the joys of singledom, situations we’ve all encountered and for a few of us, hitting way too close to home

There are some genuinely funny moments that had the inner film buff in me ‘lol’, the ‘optimum drink count’ before sleeping with someone (good theory) or serial casual sex-er (isn’t that man-whore?) Tom (the Intern’s Matt played by Anders Holm) repairing his tap water plumbing, which he has purposely cut to attempt to prevent thirsty, hungover women hanging around his apartment in the morning

HTBS success hinges on its central characters, some a little timid in nature but an even cast that balances the film and arcing into the world of these young professionals, as their stories intersect in this at b grade comedy

The film provides sporadic laughs along the way in this slick uber Sex in The City but never looks to fire up (I kept expecting HIMYM’s Barney Stinson to show up) HTBS has a hard time making its mind up whether it’s a drama or a comedy leaving me with a slight feeling of unease. Even with my discourse I’m sure the film will do well, and judging by the majority of female patrons who were lapping it up, none of whom looked remotely single, it looks to be a sure-fire winner