Words Wal Reid

Billed as “one of the scariest films this year” Director Ari Aster’s latest scary-watch piqued my interest no end, as comparisons were drawn between The Exorcist, Get Out tor Annabelle and that, just from watching the trailer.

I’m a fan of the genre and have seen most of so called “Top 50” growing up on a teenage diet of Hammer erotica Dracula films. for the most part this film was on the right track, I was engaged and the film had my undivided attention, but then, the carpet was pulled from under my feet and petered out into a ridiculously, forgettable ending.

There are some good moments to the film, the cast is wonderfully played and spearheaded by veteran Australian Toni Collette, who as Annie Graham a miniature artist (thats freaky) notices after Mother Ellen passes away, weird things start happening to the family.

The family begins to unravel cryptic and increasingly terrifying secrets about their ancestry. The more they discover, the more they find themselves trying to outrun the sinister fate they seem to have inherited. The kids are great, Alex Wolff as the son is very convincing as is his sister Charlie, played by the exceptional Milly Shapiro, she is deliciously scary, her persona and look, lend substance to the film.

Ok, so it’s not perfect (Just the last 30 minutes) but it still demands a watch and there are a couple of well timed scares, but nothing you wouldn’t find in any other Hollywood scary movie. If naked old people and scary houses are your thing, then Hereditary will be up your alley. Still can’t help thinking “That’s terrible Muriel” whenever Collette appears on screen. That visual itself is very, very scary.