Words Kimberly Jones

As part of the New Zealand International Comedy Fest, Chopper Reid finished his two week long Bogan Jesus tour at Sky City Theatre Saturday night. The stage was set simply with a single microphone stand and a small table. The eclectic crowd were eagerly awaiting the appearance of the Aussie comedy legend to arrive.

Chopper came out on stage in his signature polo shirt, track pants, jandals and trademark ‘mo’ with what appeared to be a white sheet draped over his shoulders carrying some cans of good old VB Victorian Bitter beer, so bogan. The packed theatre was then treated to a full 75 minutes of laughs as Chopper ran through his revised ‘Ten Commandments’ to warm up and get some crowd involvement Chopper attempted to get some inspiration from the front row. Much to his disgust, they were all deadbeats for stand up content.

Charismatic as ever, no-one and no topic was safe from Chopper. All in good jest, a mixture of oneliners and stories had fits of giggles from some with the occasional cringe from others. The content of the show was all relevant and current and typically in true Chopper fashion not politically correct. With what seemed to be little effort Choppers delivery and timing was spot on.

To end the show Chopper was about to give his final address and then scull a beer when the crowd began to chant “Scull”. He hushed the crowd by scolding us that he was trying to end the show, only to be called a ‘pussy’ by someone in the front row. After briefly losing character, Chopper gave his final ‘prayer’, had the audience complete his standard countdown from 8 and downed the beer.

Surprisingly gracious, Chopper thanked all involved during his tour and the audiences. He thanked us for no drunken heckling and praised what a receptive audience we had all been. Plenty of belly laughs and the occasional tear in the eye, made Saturday night a night to be remembered. This was my first comedy show and it will most certainly not be my last. Next time Chopper is in town I highly recommend his show but I strongly suggest you get in quick!