words Yulia Podrul


Are you living your dream or you work your hardest and once you finish your shift you can not wait to get out there and chase your dreams? If you can relate to that, Flashdance Musical is for you to see

If you think you lost that spark and gave up on your dreams, then I suggest you run to the Civic Theatre for some inspiration from legendary producers Stewart & Tricia Macpherson and the all-American cast.

Beautifully performed they bring this smash 80s hit live to Auckland with the Academy Award-winning title song “Flashdance – What a Feeling,” “Maniac,” “Gloria,” “Manhunt,” and “I Love Rock & Roll.”

Alex Owen (Julia Macchio) takes us through her journey of never dying dream of a dancer. She tells us it’s okay to fail and she fights her way out of the welding gear to become a real dancer.


It’s the pop-culture phenomenal with brand new choreography that will make all your dreams to inspire you.

I left with feeling of excitement and desire to chase my dreams, no matter how high the risks are. I had a chance to speak with few beautiful artists who performed for us at the opening night, and flashdance story closely related to each of them, their friends and families. We are lucky to be humans because we can dream, so their advice is to never give up on your dreams and keep chasing them.


The cast and myself challenge you to feel in love with failure and risk, and do not say ‘no’ before somebody else does, do not be scared of your dreams. Stay excited, be excited, make your dreams to excite you.

My score is 5+ out of 5. Spectacular night full of charisma, excitement and dance.