Have you ever been bullied in school? Lots of people would agree with me that some schools can tell us so many horrifying stories about kid fights, bullying weaker ones and just pranking all over the show.

In Fist Fight, that’s when the show begins. Its tough luck when actor Charlie Day is challenged to stand up against rapper Ice Cube. Not in real life of course, but in Richie’s Keen new film Fist Fight.

Just like in most of the previous movies, Ice Cube did a legendary job by playing the most bazaar and ruthless teacher of useless students in an American high school.

Ice Cubes has dozens of credits as an actor and as a producer, but he didn’t stand out for me in this particular movie. He could do better than a no-hope teacher who has no ability to speak in any educational language with his students.

The story line in Fist Fight clearly shows that students have no respect for teachers unless they win a fight. Why bother? I couldn’t understand the desire of both lead actors in that pathetic job of being a high school teacher. I guess they were playing dead-beat characters who needed a job, no matter how below average it might be.

What the film showed however was that Day absolutely killed it, and showed that even as a pathetic teacher he could stand up for himself to become a Rock-star.

Don’t be a pussy, just find a decent job and become a success story. Become a good example for your kids and don’t watch this movie. I did have few laughs though, and so now, can you.