Masterpiece, an absolutely heart pounding immersive film experience. This tops as one of the most powerful cinema experiences I have had. Even more so with the IMAX screen experience, the soundscape, and Hans Zimmer’s score soundtrack, as it pounds through you, you literally feel the movie.

I was genuinely enthralled by the whole movie going experience. Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, and Harry Styles (One Direction pop Idol) co star. Filmed in Glorious 70mm, and IMAX.

Christopher Nolan directs, Scripted and Produced a World War II thriller drama, about the evacuation of British Troops from the French coastal city ‘Dunkirk’, with the Nazis hot on their tails. Christopher Nolan’s most powerful film to date, and that is saying something coming from a very strong of previous list of films eg ‘Momento’, ‘The Dark Knight’,’Inception’. DUNKIRK is not a film that you can easily shake, it stays with you long after the film has finished, a film that you wont forget, it will stand out as one of the most talked and remembered film of the decade to come. Firmly placed in the prestigious realm of one of the best war movies ever made, and plainly in the top greatest films ever made.

Conjures mood and style of Terrance Malick, i.e Thin Red Line (1998) , and the majestic strokes of Director Stanley Kubrick. The films narrative is designed through three different storylines all based around the same Days set of event, from the soldiers on the ground/beach, from the Air fighter planes, and the ships and boats. I am not going to go into any further in-depth about the storyline and any particular details, as the film is nothing but has to be seen and experienced, discover for your self the incredible ride that Christopher Nolan has deftly crafted.

Truly an amazing film, it is not what you typically expect narratively of a War Story, it is immersive, intense, suspenseful, you literally emotionally feel your way through it. Hardly any dialogue. It is like a mega budget Art House film, that pounds away at your senses. Swept away by the emotion of it by the finale, poignant, strong heart felt, and heroism. Human struggle trying to balance comprehension of how to deal and survive an unfathomable situation. Breathtaking!