Words Ingrid Gallé

We went see dance performance as part of Tempo dance festival; Dirt and Other Delicious Ingredients, a 45-minute interactive story telling play performed by five talented characters via dance, movement, and musical instruments.

The stage is set up with heaps of ‘dirt’ of natural materials and wooden barrels, one of the dancers already in a pose and engaged in her role, while the audience are entering their seats.

The performance engages you by the wonders off sounds & senses. At the same time there is a lot happening on stage the dancers creating a story about friendship, having fun & love.  It’s difficult to pinpoint the story line but somehow there is a food fight on stage where capsicums & tomatoes flying through the air some get caught and a lot gets smashed – the audience does find this funny.

The performers are very talented with their strong dance and music flow and their interaction is in tune with each other. I personally found the interaction with the audience was very good.

The kids enjoyed the performers coming into the crowd and got their senses teased, it was good to see the humorous side of the show that gave the audience laughs & giggles.  Dirt is definitely most suited for “under-10” crowd.

Words are not always required to tell a story and this performance was a perfect example.