Words Oliver Smith

Auckland has chilled over the last week as it eases into that transitionary period between Autumn and Winter, however it was that good kind of chill, signalling a time where you can get your stylish winter coats out of the closet. It was 14ºC on Thursday and a clear night, not a cloud in the dark sky above. Town was in a buzz, people dressed to the nines, drinks in hand, it’s the fest time, the perfect time to have a drink in the middle of the week, and enjoy some fresh comedy, in my case The Correos Effect, a show that promised to be fresh, but also messy and unpredictable.

As I made my way to The Vault at Q Theatre, I heard the distinct sound of J Pop, and noticed flashing lights the stage, almost like a school disco, certainly to guarantee the right energy to kick off the show. The stage also had buckets and tarpaulin, indicating that this would be Correos’s messiest show yet.

Even so he came on as normal, starting things off with straight stand up, discussing his life, his childhood and his recent experiences on tour. This was funny in and of itself, Correos is a talented stand up and he gives as much energy when delivering well constructed punchlines as he does when the crazy begins to hit the fan.

When the crazy hits the fan, that’s when the real fun starts, and there is no comedian that I know of (at least in New Zealand) that does what David Correos does. The Correos Effect is full of skits, act outs and set pieces, with a little music thrown in.

Correos is almost confronting in the utter insanity of it all, combined with a childlike wonder, and despite the physical nature of a lot of the comedy it feels uniquely him. Correos used all of the space available to him, making the stage his, in this hour long format, Correos is truly in his element.

The Correos Effect can feel at times like a sureal art exhibition, about the brain of David Correos, an art exhibition that has you laughing your arse off throughout, this is probably the funniest show I have seen this comedy fest, I even saw the return of my embarressing laugh.

This show is an experience through and through, which at times can hit you in all 5 senses. The Correos Effects displays the full range of childlike insanity that Correos’s inventive brain can conjure.

This show is not for the faint hearted, it is a show to be experienced but you may struggle if you’re squeamish. I would heavily recommend this show, I just can’t tell you exactly what happened, that’s something best experienced first hand.