Words Jarred Tito

Dara was quite an interesting dramatic reconstruction of English play based around the Sikh religion and how it was formed out of Hinduism the Muslim faith and I guess Christianity and Judaism.
Aside from the opening battle scene which lacked a lot of luster, Dara was quite an informative play. There were many moments of seriousness and quite a lot of historical content all squeezed in to two hours.

For me the play really started making sense during court scene where the Prince is found guilty of leading people astray from the Islam faith. He defends himself and his new found beliefs in an affectionate manner which is quite endearing.

Although the production was amateur there were certainly some terrific performances from four of the principal actors. The two brothers/ Princes were excellent. The father/King was outstanding both dramatically and comically. I also thought the judge and holy man played their roles well too.

Overall the show is very inclusive of all races and Creeds. The action scenes have a lot to be desired and for me it was a bit long, at times feeling it was crammed with lots of blur. But, if you extend your imagination you can get past that. I found myself enjoying the characters more and more as the play went on. Definitely worth a look especially if you are into the ‘origins of religions’.