Finally, someone has successfully cracked the ‘eighties-sound barrier’ without the aid of a Hot Tub Time Machine. I love it, when you see an unknown band who blow away your expectations. Aussie Rockers City Calm Down have been circling the trappings like vultures on a designated carcass for a few years, with the Melbournian group ready to achieve notoriety with their well tempered crafted sound.

Singer Jack Burke announcing, “We’re from Melbourne” as they hashed out their short but pertinent song list. At times they were whimsical, entrenched in the moment, Burke reminded me of a youthful Jim Kerr from Simple Minds. No bad thing, in fact, their upbeat Alternative Rock vibe reminded me of The Psychedelic Furs or The Killers.It was the tonic for the cold Auckland Winter night, and definitely a band to keep an eye out for the future. My only qualm was not being able to hear Keyboardist Sam Mullaly’s saxophone!

Song List.
Decision Fatigue
Light On
Rab Run
Your Fix
Modern Land