Boney M were great. Maybe it was me but it seemed like a karaoke night out with work mates, it would have been nicer to have a full band up there with Boney M, but I guess using backing tracks was a sufficient consolation prize – but, it was really good karaoke.

I Felt like being in a big disco with too many seats, but loved them classics a lot. They had a fantastic stage presence with bundles of charisma. Each of the quartet had turns at leading the concert including original member Maizie Williams, each of them vocally amazing.

They truly electrified the audience and the crowd absolutely love them, as did I. We were dancing in the aisles from beginning to end. Next time I hope they have it at a big disco parlour. Having said that, the Bruce Mason Centre has fantastic acoustics and you really couldn’t have it at any other Auckland venue, so in that regard, a very good choice.

It was also a good choice because it was an intimate setting, Boney M was not too far away from you no matter which seat you were in which is always two thumbs up from me. They played all the classics, kicking off with Sunny and then they did a few other songs which we’re not so well known like Berlin but they made sure to include the great classics like Brown Girl In The Ring which started acapella including the audience singing back, which really highlighted the quality of the quartet regarding their vocal expertise.

The Rivers of Babylon was of course one of the major highlights of the concert which brought back so many memories for someone like me. I mean let’s face it, back in the day there were the Bee Gees, there was ABBA and of course there was Boney M. Ok, and maybe a bit of Michael Jackson here and there when you went to the blue light disco.  To be a part of the Boney M experience was a truly an amazing experience.

I loved the nostalgia, loved the people that went dressed up ready for disco dancing, and loved seeing Miss Williams one of the original members of the Boney M outfit.  She looks stunning and her voice is still quite amazing.

I think this was the most all-time-dancy concerts that I have ever been to in my life – bar none period. Three thumbs up from me. Boney M we love you.