batman use

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Holy crap, is it a bird, or a plane? Well it’s both, kind of. Smallville’s Man of Steel Superman (Henry Cavill) and cape Crusader ‘Batfleck’ (minus the boy wonder) are joined by Wonder Woman played by stunning model turned actress Gal Gadot, together fighting the forces of evil headed up by Lex Luthor (wonderfully portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg) It’s a credible follow-up to 2013’s Man of Steel and the second instalment in the DC Extended Universe.  Yep, you guessed it, there’s more to come

The film is directed by Zack Snyder, who skilfully retains the comic book feel to the film, the cheesy lines torture the script now and then but this is tolerable given the genre. Eisenberg as Luthor is entertaining as the deeply disturbed philanthropist Lex Luthor hell-bent on destroying his archenemy Superman. It’s an action movie big explosions, unbelievable effects, plus we get to see two of the most popular comic book giants square off for the fight we’ve all been waiting for; a duel to the death (As snidely put by Luthor “bring me the head of the bat”)

It’s the unthinkable, two of DC Comics most famous caped crusaders from different cities (Gotham & Metropolis) facing off to the death, the situation brought on by Superman’s ability to avoid accountability for his actions, especially when they lead to the death of innocent civilians (poor guy gets a bad rap even helping others) Of course Superman isn’t the only threat looming humankind, oh no way that would be too easy. Snyder weaves his magic introducing a ‘dark’ persona to the film to bring to life the comic strip element to fans, his grasp creating a movie that is watchable and also a cinematic marvel (no pun intended) is handled well

Well, that was the good stuff, BVS isn’t without flaw (what superhuman is?) It’s a bloody long watch but that’s the norm these days, Affleck is much more amiable in this film, his character moodier, sullen which actually suits Batman better than previous outings. I have no idea what Wonder Woman did or what value she added in this movie, her role for me was redundant while Gadot a little wooden for my liking

I wasn’t enamoured with this film, partly because my head is stuck in 80s Superman and Wonder Woman fixation, but I was entertained.  It’s probably the most watchable film in the series for me to date – A palpable win for fans, that’s all . It’s a blockbuster in every sense of the word, I saw it on the IMAX and it was an out of body experience especially with the new laser whats-it projector – outstanding. Unlike the new Star Wars movie, one thing I am grateful for is that they didn’t use the original actors in the film. Now that would’ve been one movie not even our super crime fighters could’ve saved