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A fun movie with quite a few home truths for the zealot ‘soccer’ mums of the world. Sure the movie plot line is semi-predictable and loaded with an ample amount of shock lines, especially from actressKathryn Hahn who plays ‘Carla’ a socially challenged misfit, but it is still funny and has plenty to say about the ‘modern’ women and their place in society.

Firstly, it is a story about three women breaking the rules and social expectations. Secondly it’s an empowering motivational story of three women rising up in the cold hard face of adversity. And lastly, it’s a good laugh which pokes fun at everything ‘holy’ regarding parenthood in the modern PC world.

Carla teams up with Kiki (Christina Bel) to promote Amy Mitchell (Mila Kunis) as the new model and standard for the P.T.A. Amy Mitchell has had enough of the ‘system’ and is pushed to the limit by Gwendolyn, the president of the PTA, played by Christina Applegate, which leads to her making a stand against everything sweet, charming and expected of mothers with school children.

Bad Moms, the title says it all and can easily fit in with other movies of this nature with similar titles such as; ‘Bad Santa’ and ‘Dirty Grand-pa’. Initially each movie hits you right between the eyes with shocking language and lewd behaviour but then slowly brings you around with a deeper, enlightening truths which seem to justify the beginning. (A pattern for a lot of American comedies of late.)

Aside from all of that, Bad Moms, has some genuine funny moments. Carla, played by Kathryn Hahn, most definitely has the lion’s share of one liners and so dominated the comical aspect of the film. Hahn’s comic timing is perfect.

Although the films receiving a bit of flack over the ‘One Finger Salute’ portrayed in the promotional posters as well as stirring up a bit trouble with the real soccer mom fraternity, the movie as a complete work is quite positive and should not be so easily written off.

An excellent cast and story full of laughs and home truths, even if they are exaggerated just a bit, that I have already recommended to more than a few. Yes there is quite a bit of material that will cause some offence but not enough to keep you away. Personally I think the laughs are worth it and the pathos delivers at the end.