Words Craig Moodie

Comedian, actor, online content creator, Alex ‘Shooter’ Williamson, has gained a multitude of fans through his bogan-ish YouTube video sketches, many of which have received millions of views. This online popularity has easily translated to bums on seats: the Rangatira Q Theatre was packed.

Something that became crystal clear after Williamson dropped his first of many ‘C Bombs’ is that the comic wouldn’t be softening the brutally honest verbal assaults that have driven the comic, who uses expletives as if they were merely punctuation, to YouTube fame.

Not that this was in anyway unwelcome mind you, at least judging from the raucous laughter that erupted in Rangatira after every off-colour story Williamson shared.

It is in no way an understatement to say Williamson’s approach to comedy caught me off guard. There were times that I literally caught myself saying ‘Jesus Christ!’ out loud to some of his cruder jokes. Here’s just a smattering of the topics that an audience might expect: pedophilia, incest, glory holes, pegging, and hiding a dead sheep’s head under the bed to spice it up in the bedroom.

Williamson also took the time to treat us to two hilarious songs, one about making gaming sexy and his love for his drug dealer.

On stage, the Aussie comic, who has well and truly earned his rave reputation, is the definition of polished: confident in his material, and an effortless rapport with his adoring audience, energeticly bouncing from gag to gag with barely relish.

Alex Williamson is a tour de force comic who has certainly earned his reputation. His unwavering confidence, bold subject matter, and devil may care attitude served him well at the Q Theatre. As with everyone else at the sold out show, I absolutely loved Williamson and would recommend him to anyone that doesn’t go to a comedy show with a PG-13 filter. Leave the kids at home though