Review Glenn Blomfield

Annabelle: Creation is actually a really cool Horror flick. Annabelle ticks all the right boxes, tension with scares, and fits well in a user friendly dramatic story that isn’t too silly in parts.

What I really like about this film, is that the Director David F. Sandberg, actually knows how to build up and play with unexpected frights.

The film has an old school vibe way to how horror films of the past were made. Annabelle: Creation fits in really well with the ‘Conjuring’ film universe of horror film, probably the best companion film to ‘Conjuring’ (2013), out of he other films that have been made i.e. ‘Conjuring 2’ (2016) and ‘Annabelle’ (2014).

The stand out for this film is the director himself, David F. Sandberg, a rather interesting chap in his own right. A Swedish guy making short Horror films in his apartment with his girlfriend, and putting them up on You Tube. One particular short film Lights Out, garnered a lot of interest that brought attention of Hollywood. This was then adapted into a feature film, which David F. Sandberg Directed Lights Out 2016, which on all accounts was rather good, and did very well.

That film has led to this second outing as a director, and he has stepped up his game a lot more, and has made a very effective classic feeling horror film, that also has a lot of fun with the audience. James Wan is the producer, the director of the very successful The Conjuring and the original Saw movie.

Annabelle is actually based on a supposedly true real haunted doll named Annabelle, but is actually a non threatening looking Raggedy Anne doll, though artistic creative licence has made for a creepier looking doll for the movie. The ‘Annabelle Creation’, goes into a fiction origin backstory, of how the doll became a conduit for evil, and it doesn’t do a bad effort, without being too silly.

Doll-maker father and his wife lose their only daughter to a tragic accident, through their grief, they later decide to open there home to a Nun and Orphaned girls. Of course the story leads down a scary path of hauntings, evil happenings and revelations of the darkest kind, I will let you watch the film and discover the fun scary ride that awaits.

There you have it in a nutshell. Annabelle is a good old scary movie that actually knows how to be ‘scary’ and have fun. It is really worth seeing with an audience to get the whole experience of audience reactions.

Be surprised, this film for all intentions is better than expected, I mean lets be honest the movie title isn’t exactly selling a promising Horror movie, but thanks to a Director and a Producer, is proving that there is still good Horror films to be made – the good old classic way of a good scare.